I am a software engineer from Beijing, China.

I work for Baidu as a LAMP stack expert. I am the guy behind Tieba 贴吧 who make it fast and stable.

My name is 夏绪宏 in chinese, Reeze Xia is my english name, if you see the id: reeze, it must be me:)

I spend most of my spare time on opensource projects, I am a committer of PHP Programming Language and a contributor HHVM.

I love PHP, so I wrote an open book on PHP internals, http://www.php-internals.com/

I love Programming Language Theory too, I am currently working on my own toy programming lanauge named Pie Programming Lanaguage, it is quite young for now.

You could find some projects I am currently working on in my projects page.

If you have any questions or just want to talk to me, just tell me: