A lot of people only update their resumes when they decide to find a new job. There is a good advice: always keep your resume updated. Then I realized that I haven't update my resume for years.

Update your resume regularly

You have work to do, your schedule are full everyday, you don't have time to work on stuff unrelated to your work. Many colleage of mine tell me that they don't even have time to study and thinking, they just finish their deadline one by one. It is a dangerous signal of your job, you are not machine.

I like the advice, you should stop and thinking, think about:

  1. what you have done?
  2. what do you want and who you want to be?
  3. what are you going do next?

because, you have to think about your recent work, and it can help you revise your goal.

Use resume as your goal planning tool

So, I think we can do it better, we should design our resume, but not only update it. It is about know where are you going and try to get there but not I just get here, it is me, I can not do anything but make it looks better.

I think we need two resumes: ideal resume and updated resume. It is quite simple: you need a goal, the ideal resume should be the resume you want to send to employeer when you decide to find a new job, and the updated resume is who you are now.

Then the ideal resume is your goal, and you keep udpate your resume to trying to be the guy you want to be!

How to design your resume

There are lots of posts about how to set your goal, eg, it should be SMART, I am not going to talk about it.

I am a software engineer, so I am going to give some advices about how to design a resume for a engineering job.

  1. Find out what are you good at and like most.
    It is quite important that know what you are good at,then you won't waste time on something that you don't like.
  2. Find a model figure you want to be.
    Who you want to be? Linus? then you might know your final goal, it will be more clear than "I want to be a great engineer".
  3. Read their resume.
    Then you will know what they do, what make they became the one your admire.
  4. Design your ideal resume
    You don't have to be the same as the guy you like, you have to design solo for you. here is an example:
    • I want to be programming lanauge expert. I find that there a lot of experts are doing researches on Type Theory, Garbage Collection, Compilers and so on, if I want to a fulltime job on programming lanauge design and implementation, then I will design my resume to have a experiment programming language.
    • I want to work on Operating System Desgin, then I might design my resume to have read source code of Linux or so, or I might have design and implemented a toy OS myself.


It is not about how to write a good resume, I think we should have explict goal and trying to be the one we want to be.