Jekyll to Ghost

WARNING: It is NOT a complete comparation between Jekyll and Ghost, it is just my personal taste.

I do love Jekyll, it is a great static site generator, and the best part of Jekyll is that you can host your site entirely to Github, you don't have to maintain your own VPS. It is really cool.

I use Octopress before, it is an enhenced Jekyll, but it hasn't been maintained anymore, and its themes are really few, I am a lazy engineer, I don't want to create my own, I didn't write CSS for a really long time.

One day I find AethuerWu migrated his blog from hexo to Ghost, then I realized that I should try Ghost. I knew Ghost from kickstarter, I was amazed by its elegant design, but I didn't try it then, becuase I don't like to use a heavy blog system like wordpress which have a server side program.

After I try Ghost, I found I fall in love with it. The most part I like most is its design and markdown support. I know wordpress can support markdown, but it is heavy for me.

I love it becuase of:

  1. Its elegant design and some beautiful template.
  2. Its markdown editor is cool, It makes me want to write.
  3. I want to try something new.

Ghost is not a perfect blog system, I have to admit that.

  1. There is no offline editor for it, but it has api to archive that, maybe I will implement one for my Mac.
  2. Theme system is not extensible. Most theme have to edit template file by hand, I can't edit it in control pannel.
  3. Markdown support it limited, it use standard markdown, table syntax is not supported. OMG.
  4. I have to host ghost myself. I could use to host my blog, but I don't want to pay money for it now.

Ghost is an opensource project, so everyone can join and make it better.

I didn't follow Ghost community, I know Ghost meant to be simple and easy to use. If they implement any needs users want It might be the next wordpress...

Anyway, I enjoy ghost.